A&N Simulation

A&N Simulation

Souroughou Airfield (Ivory Coast)


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Souroughou is the nickname given to a field in Ivory Coast , this one is located near Yamoussoukro and is nearby the "Bandama" river.

This nickname " Souroughou " which means " The Hyena " in English takes its name from a village near the field where we can hear Hyenas sneer at the dusk .  


The runway is in dirt and the lenght is about 750m (2460Ft) .  


The field has been used longuely before the events in 2000 , there was formerly a camp where we could pass the night before coming back to Abidjan !








The scenery is unfinished for the moment , to be continued !


if you want to be informed of the scenery release , just create you an account on the website by clicking  on this link and you will receive an email when the scenery will be avalaible.


register is "Inscrivez vous in french" , right black sign !

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