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A&N Simulation

X01 : Everglades Airpark

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The Everglade Airpark (ICAO: X01) is a public-use Airport located 1 mile southwest of the Everglades City in Collier County, Florida, United States. 


The Airpark is located in The Everglades National Park which contains the largest tropical natural environment of the country and this park was created to protect more than 36 species, including the American Crocodile that can be found by navigating to the park with a means of transportation emblematic : the Airboat !


The scenery include the Everglades AirPark with the entire Everglades City with :


- photoreal 30cm/p photo ground 

- hand placed Autogen , buildings and trees , for all the scenery

- custom buildings for the AirPark 

- new Afcad (Taxiway) re-Drawed precisly 

- New WaterClass , the water was too clear for the Everglades !



Here are some screens of the scenery :













The Scenery is about 70Mo compressed for 74Mo installed


If you have some issues with the Scenery, you can create a thread on the Forum.

Download Everglade Airpark Scenery

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