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LF0654 : Valberg Altiport V1 (EN)

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The Ferdinand Ferber , Valberg Altiport is located right next to the golf of Valberg in the French alps.

It were built for mountains pilots, the hangar was inaugurated in 2002.

The Valberg Altiport now have the name of a great pilot : Ferdinand Ferber , born in 1862 and died in 1909 in a plane crash .

He is among the pioneers of French aviation , building several monoplanes and biplanes , gliders style .  


Features :


- Seasonal textures.

- New reworked mesh.

- 30Cm/Pixel Photo Ground.

- Custom airport buildings with high resolution textures.


 To install : just past the "Valberg LF0654" folder in the "Addon Scenery" of your simulator.




Download Valberg Altisurface (147mo) 


Download Valberg Altisurface France VFR Version (11Mo) (Without seasonal textures)




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