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Mach Loop v1.2

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Mach Loop is a series of valley located in the North West Wales in the United Kingdom.
It's also a training area that is in the low flight area LFA7 (LFA), which covers most of Wales.
This series of valleys is 8 miles east of Barmouth and is nestled between the towns of Dolgellau and Machynlleth north to south.
This training area is used by the Royal Air Force (Tornado, Typhoon, Hawk and C -130J) and by the United States (F-15E) that are based at Lakenheath in eastern England.
A short video of the demonstrations at Mach Loop:



The scenery have a Photo-Ground in 2M/pixel (Virtual-Earth) and an Autogen made by the Scenproc software.


here is somes screens :










More pictures  here !


It is recommended to install with this scenery the The Mach Loop Spotter pack by MSPG Simulations !

Only compatible with FSX + Acceleration Pack and P3D.

This pack adds tents and cars spotters and a GPS tracking for the different spots in the valley (where the fighters pass).


Download Mach Loop V1.1

Good flight !

Scenery Created  by Alex



You installed the scenery and you want to fly in the rugged valleys Mach Loop? No problem ! Here is the ideal flight plan to enjoy your download !
Before starting, make sure you have installed the spotting point by MSPG Simulation (see above) and have either a GPS to locate the crossings in the valley, or a good knowledge of the area, in which case you'll find your way without using a GPS.


The Mach Loop Valley is only taken by fighters, it will be the type of aircraft to be taken during the flight.

This time I chose a L-39 Albatros, only by love of this plane :)



Airport : EGOD Llanbedr

Before taking off, turn on your GPS and locate different spots: Bluebell 4MLP, Bwlch 2MLP ( "bwlch" means "gap" in Welsh), CAD East 0MLP, Corris Corner 3MLP.
Depending on your wishes and the weather, there are different ways to get to Mach Loop. You can either:
- Or follow the heading 114 ° until the spots marked with GPS
- Or you head NDB WPL (323.0) and stop above the spots marked with GPS
- Or if you like the challenge, you head WPL VOR (115.95) on radial 285 °
So take off towards Mach Loop.





Arrived over the spots (visible on the GPS), descend to reach the first spot.










After this, enjoy your flight , Join the different spots at very low altitude, doing stunts !


Virage serré.jpg



When finished, return to the base by taking the heading 300.






It was Nico , OVER !


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