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A&N Simulation

Mach Loop - Flight Plan



You installed the scenery and you want to fly in the rugged valleys Mach Loop? No problem ! Here is the ideal flight plan to enjoy your download !
Before starting, make sure you have installed the spotting point by MSPG Simulation (see above) and have either a GPS to locate the crossings in the valley, or a good knowledge of the area, in which case you'll find your way without using a GPS.


The Mach Loop Valley is only taken by fighters, it will be the type of aircraft to be taken during the flight.

This time I chose a L-39 Albatros, only by love of this plane :)



Airport : EGOD Llanbedr

Before taking off, turn on your GPS and locate different spots: Bluebell 4MLP, Bwlch 2MLP ( "bwlch" means "gap" in Welsh), CAD East 0MLP, Corris Corner 3MLP.
Depending on your wishes and the weather, there are different ways to get to Mach Loop. You can either:
- Or follow the heading 114 ° until the spots marked with GPS
- Or you head NDB WPL (323.0) and stop above the spots marked with GPS
- Or if you like the challenge, you head WPL VOR (115.95) on radial 285 °
So take off towards Mach Loop.



Arrived over the spots (visible on the GPS), descend to reach the first spot.





 After this, enjoy your flight , Join the different spots at very low altitude, doing stunts !


Virage serré.jpg

When finished, return to the base by taking the heading 300.




Have a nice flight !

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