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A&N Simulation

Songon Té DIAS (Private) v1

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I'm the owner of a private field in Ivory Coast which was used extensively by my ancestors with different aircrafts (C172 , C152 , PA-28...) and the last in date, a Seneca II , PA-34 , the TU-TKB !



I Made some Drone’s captured pictures of this field and i exported thoses pictures after a lot of work as a Ground Polygon . 


The Runway is made of Dirt , 800 meters long , exactly 2624,67 Ft.


It's a private field , so it doesn't have an OACI , or it's impossible to get there in Fs without that, so i named the field "DIAS".


I'm proud of the look of that scenery , it's a real treat to land there with the trees at the end of the runway , exactly like in real  !


Here is some screens :




Download Songon (DIAS) Scenery


Good luck to land there ! 

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